Dragon Witch

Dragon Witch does not have to be from any specific tradition although they walk to the beat of their own drum. The Dragon Witch, is a Witch dedicated to the Draconic path using Draconic energy. This path is a very old path. You could even say Dragon Witch is a Dragon Sorceress, or Priestess or […]

Cleanse and Charge a New Amulet or Talisman

Cleanse the Talisman Cleansing is the first step in preparing a talisman to receive your intention. The purpose is simple: Objects can pick up energetic impressions from their makers, from previous owners, and from their environment. You want your talisman to be as close to a “blank slate” as possible. That way, the energy you […]

Talisman and Amulets

About Talismans and Amulets Before we begin, it is important to distinguish between the two! So what is an Amulet exactly? An Amulet is a “natural” object, that can be used (when consecrated) for many purposes- like protection, luck, health, etc. also to attract and repel things. While a Talisman, on the other hand, is […]

Children Spell book

The Whimsic Alley Book of Spells is the perfect book for youthful wizards and witches, with more than 150 spells edited by George Beahm and Whimsic Alley store owner Stanley Goldin. This book of spells, contributed by fans worldwide, also includes everything an aspiring wizard needs to know: how to pick a wand, safety tips […]

3 Children Spells

3 SPELLS FOR YOUR MAGICAL CHILD When I was five, I had the good fortune of meeting a grownup Witch. Noticing my interest, she generously taught me some magical basics, like how to heal headaches and access my intuition. But even before that, I pined for magical guidance and invented my own little spells that […]

Dark Goddess list

Note- not a complete list Baba Yaga: Slavic Hag-Goddess Baba Yaga is an infamous figure in Slavic folklore. She is typically depicted as an ugly, old hag who lives in a shack situated on a large pair of chicken legs and who uses a large mortar and pestle as her flying vehicle. Though she’s been […]

Uncrossing/Hex/Curse removal bath

It is important to take these baths multiple times. 3 days is my preferred but longer is even better, especially if it’s heavy duty. If you feel like you’ve been crossed, more should be done aside from this but this is a good place to start. You will need: Dill leaf Lemon slices Sage Sea […]

Aug 13 Day of Hekate

  In Italy, August 13 is the Day of Hekate. Hekate is an exceptionally powerful spirit. She holds dominion over life, death, regeneration, and magic. She rules wisdom, choices, expiation, victory, vengeance, and travel. Hekate guards the frontier between life and death. She is an intermediary between the spirit world and that of humans. She […]